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Large businesses have the headcount for a security team or budget to hire a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP). Most charities do not, yet they face the same cybersecurity threats.

You offer charitable services to your communities. As a 501(c)(3), we are here to do the same by partnering with you to provide no-cost, professional security programs! Below is a sample of what we provide, focusing on the fundamentals.

Security Assessments

We will check your systems and exposure to help you understand your business risks, advising you on the steps to take to mitigate these risks.

Intent: Identify and remediate security vulnerabilities in your website.

How: Perform weekly automated and monthly manual security reviews of your website, providing you a report with specific, actionable steps to mitigate vulnerabilities.

Professional Services

We will roll up our sleeves and help you implement sustainable cybersecurity best practices. If you have other requests for service, we would love to talk about how we can help!!

Intent: Reduce the risk that a malicious actor will get access to your accounts.


  1. Use two factor authentication, e.g. Google Authenticator, on your sensitive accounts (banks, email, website, cloud storage, etc).
  2. Use Password Managers, e.g. LastPass or 1Password, to generate and store strong, unique passwords for every site.

Intent: Reduce the risk that computer viruses and physical destruction cause operation impacts to your business.

How: Setup continuous backup of your data to free cloud storage.

  1. Dropbox (2GB free)
  2. Google Drive (15GB free)
  3. OneDrive (5GB free, with a Microsoft account)

Intent: Ensure your devices continually get security updates and patches, mitigating the risk that that your computers will be infected.


  1. Enable auto-update on Windows
  2. Enable auto-update on Macs