Free Security Recommendations

Below are the biggest things you can do to mitigate your IT security business risk, none of which will cost you money.

Our team would love to, at no cost, partner with you to implement any of these or discuss other ways we can help you secure your business!

Secure Your Business

Intent: Reduce the risk that a malicious actor will get access to your accounts.


  • Use two factor authentication, e.g. Google Authenticator, on your sensitive accounts (banks, email, domain registrar, cloud storage, etc).
  • Use Password Managers, e.g. LastPass, to generate and store strong, unique passwords for every site.

Intent: Reduce the risk that computer viruses and physical destruction cause operation impacts to your business.

How: Setup continus backup of your data to free cloud storage.


  • It is also recommended to backup your business critical data to a USB drive that you keep disconnected or cloud storage that does not automatically synchronize with a folder on a computer. This way, if your computer is compromised, these documents are still safe.

Intent: Get notifications when a 3rd party has been hacked and your accounts details and/or credentials are leaked, reducing the risk that password re-use will result in account compromise.


Protect Your Computers

Intent: Ensure your devices continually get security updates and patches, mitigating the risk that that your computers will be infected.


Intent: Mitigate the risk that computers will be infected with viruses.

How: Install AVG or Malwarebytes.

Intent: Mitigate the risk that computers will be infected by malicious ads while browsing web pages.


Notes: Some sites prevent full functionality if you use ad-blockers. If this occurs, you can turn off ad-blocking on a site-by-site basis.